Friday, October 31, 2008

Read, Set, Panic!

With only an hour and a half until this thing gets going, I just wanted to give some more details of my novel and what I plan to write here.

- My novel is called "Sea of Souls" at least for now. I may change the title to "Fawn" which is the nickname of the main character.
- It is a fantasy
- There will not be a dwarf with an axe, no elf with a bow, and the wizard is a snotty little kid so no beard and walking stick.
- The main conflict: Fawn is a rebord wizard, a super-powerful controller of magic. The world is ruled by a religion "The Covenant" that waits for the return of the wizard (though they don't call it wizard) but has become violently afraid of all forms of magic they don't perform. As such, the Covenant will see Fawn not as the coming of their long awaited leader, but rather as a demon who needs to be killed.
- I have been writing this novel in my head since I was in highschool. Some of my friends who used to play DnD with me back in the 80s may recognize some of these characters. No novel is better suited for NaNoWriMo, because I don't have to do much in the way of outlining or character creation. Plus, I need this novel out of my head and onto paper.

As for the blog...

- I won't be posted every word I write here. It doesn't make sense; most of what I write won't be easy to read, or even make sense. Think of the first draft as one long freewriting exercise. Most of what I write will look silly, and one way or another I will be writing continually for each writing session, even if I have no clue what to say. So you see, you don't want to read it all
- As I come up with some good sections, I'll post them. Also, if I come up with some extraordinarily bad passages, I'll post them as well.
- I'll post daily updates of my word count and some words about my state of mind and progress. Also, if I have any issues with my novel I may post questions here, especially if I actually get anyone to read this thing.

Wish me luck. I'll come up for air at least once every day to give you some status.

My plan: 10,000 words every weekend. The other 10,000 words will be done during the week. There is just no way I can do the 1667 words daily with work, Shinkendo, and my commute. Though I do plan on sneaking in some writing time at work and at the dojo.

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